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Flexxiz is a multi-purpose modular software, used to execute a wide variety of operations, keep information records, financial reports, document administration, legal compliance, communication channels, among others.

A very user friendly system, with a great customer service team to guarantee our clients needs.

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phone Money transfer

Use this module to manage money transfers, add and configure providers, exchange rates, providers commisions, providers payments, and more ...

phone Vehicles services

Use this module to manage ticket payments, titles and plates, city stickers, inventories, and more ...

phone Bill payments

Use this module to manage bill payments, add and configure providers, generate reports, and more ...

phone Check cashing

Use this module to cash checks, register clients, client verification, security validations, and more ...

phone Other modules

- Reports
- Legal compliance
- Payments
- Conciliation
- Payroll
- Properties administration
- and more...

Who we are

Our team

The Flexxiz team is a group of specialists from various areas such as telecommunications, economics, accounting, and more; that came together to create a powerful work tool that adapts to all our clients needs.


We would like to be recognized as the company par excellence to make our clients' day-to-day work very simple and pleasant, and that is why we place special emphasis on our product's quality, and assurance an excellent customer service.